Mike Pridgeon

 Age: 58 

Hometown: San Diego, CA 

Car Make/Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo 

Class and Number: Street Stock, 19P 

Accomplishments:  75+ Wins, 75+ Top 5 finishes, 100+ Top 10 finishes throughout his racing career, 2008 Rookie of the Year- Barona Speedway Factory Stocks, 2009 Rookie of the Year-IMCA Modifieds. 2019 Runner Up for Barona Speedway Points Championship- Street Stocks Division

Biography: Mike has been racing since 1971 where he started BMX racing at 10 years old. In 1975 he upgraded to Motocross and never looked back. He took on Motorcycle racing in the late 1970’s and began drag racing in 1979. He competed in bracket racing then advanced to super gas category classes until 2008 when he fell in love with dirt track racing. Mike jumped right into the factory stock class at Barona Speedway, running the class for 1 year. Mike then began racing IMCA Modifieds and competed in the class until 2017. During 2018, KR7 Chassis built Mike his current car so that he could compete in the 2019 season. Mike had a successful 2019 season, he not only had three wins and multiple top 5 finishes at Barona Speedway, he finished second in their points standings. Mike swept the Double Header at Cocopah Speedway in September, winning both nights heat races and main events.


David Kilpela

 Age: 38 

Hometown: San Diego, CA 

Car Make/Model: Oldsmobile Cutlass 

Class and Number: Street Stock, 7K

Accomplishments: 25+ Wins, 100+ Top 5 finishes, 100+ Top 10 finishes throughout his racing career. Finished every season within Top 5 in points.  2019 Barona Speedway Track Champion- Street Stocks Division 

Biography: David grew up watching asphalt racing at multiple southern California tracks. In 1997, David’s StepFather Ron took him to Cajon Speedway in El Cajon, CA to help work on Walt Cole’s asphalt modified. David worked on Walt’s team for 10 years and then Ron purchased a dirt Factory Stock for he and David to race on dirt in 2008 at Barona Speedway.  David competed in the class for two years and then moved up to the Pro Stock class for two seasons. He finished in the top 5 in all but 3 races. In 2011, David and Ron began building an asphalt Super Late Model. Sadly, Ron passed away just a couple of months before the car was complete and David finished the car himself. During his two seasons competing in the Gene Price Late Model River Series, he finished in the top 3 in all 24 races. In 2015, David returned to Barona Speedway in the Pro Stock class and competed there for two seasons. During the off season of 2016/2017, David founded KR7 Chassis and built his new Street Stock, which he has been racing since 2017. In that time, David has competed at four different tracks all over Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. He has had 14 wins and countless top 5 finishes.  In 2018, David won 8 races between two different tracks and 5 of those wins were back to back. David had a great 2019, taking home the points championship and 5 consecutive win


Nick Braddy

 Age: 35 

Hometown: El Cajon, CA 

Car Make/Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo  

Class and Number: Street Stock, 37

Accomplishments: 15+ Wins, 20+ Top 5 finishes, 125+ Top 10 finishes throughout his career. 2012 3rd in Points Championship in Pony Stock Division.

Biography: Nick started BMX racing in 1997 where he ran at a small local track. In 2000, he made the Pro Division and shortly after switched over to Autocross/Time trials on asphalt in his 1993 Nissan 240SX. In 2005, Nick switched gears and decided to head out to his local dirt track and try his luck in a Pony Stock at Barona Speedway. He raced in that division until 2012 when he graduated to the Super Stock division. Racing the Super Stock division took Nick to multiple dirt tracks in California; notably, Perris Auto Speedway and Barona Speedway. In 2018, with the help of our team, Nick built his number 37 Street Stock from the ground up. In 2019, He placed 9th in the season points and Nick took home multiple top 5 finishes.


Chris Laff

 Age: 32 

Hometown: Descano, CA 

Car Make/Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo  

Class and Number: Street Stock, 19L

Accomplishments: 5+ Wins, 15+ Top 5 finishes, 20+ Top 10 finishes, 2013 Pony Stock Championship 

Biography: Chris started his racing career in a Pony Stock at Barona Speedway in 2011. He competed until 2014 when he raced both the Pony Stock and an IMCA Modified throughout the season. In 2015, he decided to focus on his Modified and raced only that car until 2016. Chris has been on a hiatus from racing due to the birth of his daughter and has been helping the other drivers on our team. He ran his first race back in the seat at Perris Auto Speedway in November 2019. He is looking forward to running a full season in 2020.


Kyle Bethel

 Age: 26 

Hometown: El Cajon, CA 

Car Make/Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo  

Class and Number: Street Stock, 31

Accomplishments: 50+ Wins, 150+ Top 5 finishes, 30+ Top 10 finishes, 2008 Pony Stocks Rookie of The Year- Barona Speedway, 2009 Super 4 Rookie of The Year- Western States tour. 2014 Pony Stock Championships.

Biography: Kyle was born into the racing industry. He likes to say he was working on cars as soon as he learned to walk. In 2008, Kyle started racing at Orange Show Speedway in the Pony Stock Division. Shortly after, he began racing on dirt at Barona Speedway as well. Kyle dominated the local class until 2016 when he was deployed. During that time, he raced at several tracks across the Western States. While on deployment, Kyle purchased a dwarf car and he debuted it in February 2018 at Cocopah Speedway. In his first race in over a year, he finished 7th in a car he had never gotten to drive before. Kyle is also building a street stock for the 2020 season and we are excited to see where he goes with it.


Jake Triska

 Age: 19 

Hometown: San Diego, CA 

Car Make/Model: Chevrolet Monte Carlo  

Class and Number: Street Stock, 14 

Accomplishments: 50+ wins, 30+ Top 5 Finishes

Biography: Jake began his racing career at age 11 in a Junior Sprint at Barona Speedway in 2012.  He raced in that class for 3 years and won over 30 races in one season and countless more. He then moved up to a Pure Stock where he struggled with car issues most of the season. In 2016, Jake moved up to the Street Stock class and has been competing alongside his brother, David and friends.  In 2017, he switched from a Camaro to a Monte Carlo. Jake has currently been competing in the Street Stock class since then, gaining seat time and experience. During Jake’s 2019 season, He finished 6th overall in our local points championship and did not finish out of the top 5 at all. He is building a new car for the 2020 season.